Congratulations for buying your new Smartphone. Now that you are proud owner of your new Smartphone, you will be worried that how can I get data from my old handset to the new one. In Apple iOS, user can effortlessly store backup of data on iTunes and then restore it into new handset. But things get complicated when it comes to Android.

While we can re-download apps from Google app store. But the data of these apps will not restore.  Manufactures like Samsung and HTC facilitate their users with definite software to transfer their data from old phone to the new one, but there are cautions. So if you want to move all your stuff over, then you will need to follow certain steps with little effort.

Download Super Backup App


Super Backup App will give you ease to backup your call history, bookmarks, calendars, SMS and all apps data. Once it is installed, you can specify the schedule for backup and upload files to your Gmail account. If you want to restore SMS, bookmarks, call history and calendars, then it will be easily done, but in case of apps data restoring you will have to root your mobile phone first.

Google Restore


In Google’s Android Smartphones, there is option accessible to backup some sections. It automatically restores the data when user reset the phone. But Google mentioned in its official website of Android developer website that there is no guarantee that Android backup service will always restore your data. These parts of your device can be restored.



On your Android Smartphone, if you are logged into your Google account, your contacts are frequently synced with your Gmail account. If in any case, it is not synced then go to Settings > Accounts > Google and make sure that Contacts field is checked.



You can sync your all images to your Dropbox account folder as Backup. For this purpose, make sure that Camera Upload is activated.

Music And Videos


This step is slightly tricky one to perform. If you want to save your videos and music, then you will have to copy them from phone manually in order to save them. Ideally, you should already have all the music and videos in your computer, so skip this step and manually copy them back to your phone.

What’s Next After Backup?


If you are going to perform factory reset or aiming to set up a new Smartphone, then once you sign in to Google account it will prompt you to restore your apps. After this step, reinstall Super Backup, get your SMS backup and use Super Backup to restore all these files.

Your contacts will automatically sync after your signing to Gmail account. Now in Dropbox, select all the photos you want to save in your new Smartphone and download them straight to your device. Lastly, for the music and video clips, you just have to copy them from PC to Music and Videos folder and you are all set to go.