Microsoft has officially introduced some of the new features of Windows 8.1, the major update that the company will launch later this year for free to meet much of consumers had consistently claimed since the launch in October last year Windows 8, the latest operating system from the company.

In the middle of last April and we wondered what news should have the new version of Microsoft operating system to succeed in the market. After the official confirmation from the company, we proved that our thoughts or ideas to improve the system were from the first moment the Windows team list.

The main objective of the company is to provide the best experience on the next generation of devices that will come from this summer, after being presented during Computex 2013. To do this, after hearing the thousands of feedbacks sent by consumers in recent months, Microsoft has decided to add some new really interesting.


Already commented we in our reflections, Windows 8.1 should be more customizable. The home screen is the big news of the new operating system the company and its customization options with preloaded themes and dynamism poor dynamic mosaics fell short.

In Windows 8.1 introduced dynamic mosaics with variable sizes depending on the amount of information that the user wants to receive, in addition to this, Microsoft will allow users to use their own images as backgrounds of the home screen, and even images may be used movement. Big bonus for Microsoft, personally preloaded themes colors and seem quite boring.

windows 8.1 1

Home Button

Yes, the start button in Windows 8.1 back. While Microsoft has not officially confirmed yet, we advance that have not the slightest doubt that it will. The new start button is visible in the taskbar continuously, will not have to move the mouse to a corner or slide your finger on the screen to display. Its function will be unique, allowing the user to switch between the desktop and the home screen an easier way.

windows 8.1 2

Improved applications

Applications that Microsoft developed for Windows 8.1 will be much more complete than at present, adding really interesting features that will be presented in the coming days. Also added the possibility of anchoring multiple applications to the edges of the screens and not only one as today.

The search will now be much more complete; users can view all your applications from the bottom of the screen and filter by name, date of installation, use or categories. Also included is the ability to perform global searches through Bing in a much richer, with embedded fonts as SkyDrive.

windows 8.1 3

In short, Microsoft has prepared a major update that will bring new and interesting customization options, better support desktop mode, improvement in non-touch gestures for devices, more attention to the quality of their applications and performance improvements.

Recall that Microsoft will release a preliminary version publicly on June 26 while celebrating BUILD 2013, the developer event of the year’s biggest company.