Nokia 3310 has started distribution, established the company in a tweet. “Your 17 year linger is ended; now shipping. #Nokia3310,” interprets a tweet placed by Nokia Mobile on Twitter. The company too put out a petite video teasing the phone is currently shipping. “Are you prepared? I’m on my way,” said the video.

Nokia has proclaimed that it’s much-awaited Nokia 3310 (2017) characteristic phone has lastly started shipping however if you are doubting where to, you are in the alike situation as we are right nowadays. The company has not publicized the constituency or country where it has started the delivery of these feature phones and it looks like additional information will only be accessible over the subsequently few weeks. In any case, we can anticipate towards more information on Monday, when HMD Global’s Chief Product Officer is holding an occasion in New Delhi.

Nokia 3310 was revealed at the annual Mobile World parliament in February. Nokia 3310 will be obtainable in four color alternatives – warm red and yellow with a shine finish and dark blue and grey variants with a matte finish. Nokia 3310 is a refurbished adaptation of its ancestor, which was one of the most victorious phones from the innovative Nokia Mobile. It supports 2.4-inch QVGA display. The 1200 mAh battery in Nokia 3310 is the USP of the phone, which is maintained to offer a reserve time of up to a month with utmost talk time of up to 22.1 hours.

The neighboring that the company came to answering the question about accessibility of the new Nokia 3310 was when it reacted to a inquiry by saying, “We will be discharging our foodstuffs internationally in the subsequently few months, stay refrained to our page for auxiliary proclamations.”

It looks like the company is demanding to expand additional hype around the previously popular phone, which supervised to pinch the public interest from some of the first-class smart phones earlier this year when it was commenced at MWC 2017. Notably, HMD Global, the company that have rights to construct and sell Nokia phones, has mocked the beginning of new Nokia phones at an occurrence on Monday.

Nokia 3301 packs 16MB interior storage and supports flexible storage as well (up to 32GB). It runs the Nokia Series 30+ OS. Additional facial appearance of Nokia 3310 includes a 3.5 mm headphone jack, FM support and an in-built MP3 player. Nokia 3310 features a 2MP rear camera with LED flash. It supports the new Snake game as well. though, the phone does not support apps.

Nokia 3310 is predictable to hit the shelves in India this month, and price will be the main apprehension. A price tag of Rs 3,500 or over will make Nokia 3310 a classy alternative if you match up to it to phones like Micromax Bharat 2.


Earlier today, we detailed that Nokia has established launch plans for the Nokia 3310 (2017), and additional new Nokia Android phones and that according to the company, the new Nokia phones will be started worldwide in “May-June.”