The becoming of technology (mobile in this case) is quite curious: If company X launches format technology with overwhelming success, all the competition copies it ad nauseum, even more traditional competition.

I mean formats used for years did not imagine: what happened to Apple with its iPad, and happened to Samsung with its Galaxy Note Phablet format, the new buzzword in the industry. We’ve had rumors a month ago, but that rumor today changes a little and it is said that Nokia plans to launch its own Phablet own not this year, but in 2014.

Apparently, the Finnish company is preparing a device that would be about six inches in size on your screen to launch in 2014, according to a Taiwanese website. It appears that the tablets do not fully awaken the interest of Nokia for now, but if the numbers Phablet sector.

Let no one think, after I mentioned at the beginning of the article, we mean that the tablets or formats Phablet s are “expendable” today, but it is true that in his day, when we showed for the first time, opinion was fairly divided and its subsequent success was thunderous and overwhelming.

So surprising that success is so crucial that even as traditional manufacturers like Nokia and firm are seriously planning to launch a terminal of particular characteristics. In this case it seems to be a matter of survival rather than of ideals.