Do you feel like you are missing out on something? If you wanted to do something online but you did not know how to get it done for free and conveniently, then yes! You are missing out a lot! There are so many tools waiting for you to discover them. Once you have found these tools, your life would be at ease. Here are few online web tools should need to know by everyone:

  1. Tattoo Font Maker: it is in the trend and will make your life easier as you will discover more than 100 tattoo fonts to suit your needs. You can also customize your own tattoo fonts! Head up to this website and have access to many resources for your tattoo fonts ideas!
  2. Cool Letters: In need of cool ideas to create some letters or fonts but too tired and bored of the customized ones? It’s time to get rid of those simple and unattractive letters and start digging on new cool letters at the website. You can choose from the ones being shown to you or you can generate new one with your own touch!
  3. Pic Resizer: Sometimes resizing pictures on Paint can cause your image quality to be downgraded and the pixels became horrible. So it’s time to use the pic resizer tools provided online as you can resize it to your preferable size and at the same time maintain the image quality!
  4. The Avatar Maker : Want to have your own avatar and get it done for free? Head online and get it by using The Avatar Maker where you can create your own avatar from so many choices of face shapes, hair colors and many more! It is free for sure!
  5. Free Password Generator: Time to say goodbye to the old fashioned and plain passwords! Time to generate new passwords and avoid being a victim of scammers or hackers. Generate your unique passwords for free and get it done ij less than a second.  

These online tools are very convenient for our everyday usage as it will help ease up our daily tasks!