These days, most of our work is done on computers or electronic devices. We even keep all our personal data on these electronic for ease of accessibility. However, sometimes we give our devices away and might forget to delete important personal data which could harm us. One might even delete data but there are chances that some personal data might still remain on the device.

It has become an issue where people have forgotten to delete personal data and later found out that their personal data was used for other purposes. Hence, it is vital to find a way to delete all data permanently and with ease. If you want to delete all your data without having t waste time finding if there is something left on your device then you need to try DoYourData Super Eraser.

One of a Kind

The DoYourData Super Eraser is one a kind as it helps you delete all the personal data on your old computer or digital device fast. When you sell your old computer or digital device then it might possible that some important personal files will remain. It is due to this that the software is a must-have.

Unique Technology

The best thing about the software is the fact that it has a unique technology which has been designed to facilitate you, permanently erase data. There is no technology out there like it as it has been designed in a unique way to ascertain that nothing remains on your device when you sell or borrow it someone. We store all our lives on devices nowadays, which is why the software is a lifesaver.

Hardware Data Erasure

Deleting data on hardware can be a difficult task but not with DoYourData Super Eraser as it is the ultimate software for getting rid of all types of data on your hardware.

Memory / USB Erasure

We all use memory or USB and the software helps delete on data which you may want to get rid of. It is easy to use and you will delete all the data you do not want with just a click of a button.

Other Device Data Erasure

There are all types of devices which are used these and the DoYourData Super Erasure ensures that all the data on your devices is deleted. No more worrying about data that might remain on your device when you sell it or give it to someone.

Useful Features

The software provides everyone with various useful features that make their life much easier.

  • Erase Folders/ Files: Simply select and erase all the selected folders and files from all storage devices.
  • Wipe Out Hard Drive: One of the most powerful tools is the Wipe Hard Drive feature as it completely wipes out the entire hard drive or device permanently with no traces of data recovery.
  • Wipe Out Free Space: We all need more space, therefore, use the feature to permanently get rid of unnecessary space.
  • Erase History: Delete your device history with the feature.
  • Uninstall Programs: Easily get rid of programs that you do not need by uninstalling the programs.