Ensuring privacy on mobile devices has been increased tremendously. Since the creation of smartphones data security has become a crucial element because many of us have important data stored in our smartphones and if gets stolen then you might lose all your important data that can also be misused. Following are some of the tips to ensure you protect your phone’s data and do not provide thief a free access to your phone’s apps and other related stuff

  1. Keep the screen locked

The first way to make sure you keep your phone’s data safe is by setting up a screen lock, the lock can be a password, pin code or a pattern., many of the smartphones contain various option to provide you screen locks just to make sure you can keep your data private and in case it is stolen then entering the wrong password will not allow the thief to get access to phone. Many smartphones have the option that if the lock or password is entered incorrect thrice then all the data is formatted.

  1.  Making the use of remote features

Activating the remote features in your iOS will help you to locate your phone through web that will help you to lock the devices even you are afar. Similar is the case with android phones that you can track your android devices from your Google account and get the location of your phone. For blackberry phones, it contains a feature namely BlackBerry Protect that you can find on menu of system settings. Windows phone contains Find my phone app that you can use it to find your phone.

  1. Creating a Backup

The most preferred step to make your important data safe is to always have a backup of it stored somewhere else on some other device or on emails so that you can get the access to it any time. With Google, it helps you to back up your data by just activating features in backup and reset section. Apple also provides backup option to its users. In case of media files including photos, videos, music and other relates items make sure you have it stored already like on Google+, iCloud, Dropbox and etc.

  1. Making your Apps configured

It is better to keep your applications configured so that the thieves don’t get hold to your important stuff and misuse it. Many apps contains security checks and login from unknown devices so its better you configure your apps like Facebook so if someone log-in from other location or unknown server you can get the hold of it.

  1. Data encryption

To add extra level of security, try to encrypt data that makes it difficult for thieves to get access and misuse it. Android, Apple, Blackberry provide options for encryption of data to help you keep your data safe.