In modern world, our Smartphones and tablet will be helpful to give us access to our required files and documents instantly. But sometimes, we need to print some important documents to be faxed or filed away. We can do that easily by sending an email from our tablet or Smartphone to any desktop computer and then print it out. But think if you are in a hurry and want to print quickly, then you will be beneficial by printing directly from tablet or Smartphone instead of sending mail to computer. There are many methods to send printing jobs to printer from any OS like Android, Windows, BlackBerry or iOS. There are wireless printing apps available for all platforms to print required documents.

  • Android

The first thing to know before getting started for printing is that what version of operating system you are using. If you are using Android 4.4 or higher version, then you will get wireless printing functionality in your smartphone or tablet. To check the version of your OS, just tap About Phone buried under Settings menu.

Android 4.4 Or Higher Version

First of all make sure that wireless printing is turned on in your android device. Now navigate to the menu of Settings, in here find and tap printing and then simply enable Cloud Print. Now after doing this, some apps like Google Drive, DropBox, Quick Office and chrome will let you print directly by using any HP wireless printer. You can also print documents with any other wireless printer linked with your device with the help of Google Cloud Print. Just view the document you want to get the print and select Print command from the menu of Options.

Older Versions Of Android

If you have older version of android in your smartphone, then the best way to print out documents is to use app by Google named as Google Cloud Print. This app will send your documents into your desktop computer and then your desktop computer will forward these documents to your printer to get printed papers. This process is a bit more confusing than the above-mentioned method.

  • iPhone

AirPrint service will give you facility to print documents from your wireless printer whether you are using an iPhone or an iPad. But the only flaw in this service is that you can only fulfill your printing job if your printer is supportive by Apple. AirPrint is easy to use, but is only usable for selective printers. You have to make sure that your iOS device and wireless printers are connected with the same Wi-Fi connection.

  • Windows Phone

In order to print from your device directly in Windows Phone, you have to use application called Print Now. It is a Windows Phone 8 app, which gives you facility of printing in conjunction with Google Cloud Print. First, you have to link your printer with Google Cloud Print. Then, make sure that you are using same Wi-Fi connection as described above. Once the procedure done, you can now easily send files from your phone library or from cloud storage services like OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox to printer.