In recent era, the most useful and best medium to connect to internet is the use of Wi-Fi. There are different places where we find public Wi-Fi connections and connect to them. We can find such public connections in Hotels, restaurants and coffee shops. We connect to these free internet connections and forget the danger or disadvantage of using such public Wi-Fi’s. These open connections can become a threat for your personal information and data.

You have to make sure that while using such public Wi-Fi networks, your data is secured no matter you are using smartphone, tablet or laptop for accessing such network connections. In this article, I will describe some steps which should be followed in order to make your data secured and not accessed by anyone while using public Wi-Fi.

  • Customize Your Network Settings In Your PC

The step to take while using any public Wi-Fi is to customize your network settings on your laptop or pc. The firewall has to be enabled for all public network connections. The firewall will be turned on by default in windows, but if it not turned on due to any issue. You can turn on firewall by simply accessing Windows Firewall from Control Panel. In there, just click on the turn on windows firewall notification.

  • Use VPN For Connections

There many websites and search engines which are not offering their visitors or user SSL protection. The important feature to ensure your data protection is Secure Socket Layer protection called as SSL. If there is such website which is not offering SSL, then there will be a chance of your data flow to wrong hands through the network. To avoid this problem, you should have to use the VPN network for connecting to any public internet connection. Virtual Private Network will ensure that you are having secured connection to the public Wi-Fi connection. So, for making your data protected and secured, you should have to use any VPN software for connecting to any public Wi-Fi.

  • Turn Off File Sharing

This is the most important step to consider as we often forget to turn off the file sharing option. The file sharing option can allow anyone to look into your data and can manipulate according to own wish. So, one should have to make sure that files and folder sharing is turned off in your personal computer while accessing any public network.

To turn off file sharing in your windows operating system. Just go to Network and Sharing Center in control panel. Now, in there go to Change private advanced sharing settings. You will find an option under guest, private and public options named as network discovery. Just turn off these options so that no one can access your private data through file sharing.

  • Update Regularly

The updating process to make your antivirus program up to date and strong enough to find any malware attack on your system is important step. Always update your antivirus and malware program regularly. These applications will also keep you safe from visiting any unsafe and harmful website while browsing any public network connection.