Advances in technology were have made our lives easy and comfortable, there it has somehow created difficulties for us as well. The invention of smartphones gave us the opportunity to have almost everything in a small modular and portable device. The world is now just a click away from us. We have access to everything through these handy devices.

People still seek for devices which could improve their day to day experience, not just infotainment but provide them with quality entertainment too. Everybody seeks entertainment. Some for pleasure or fun others for relaxation. Whether we are at college or work or simply hanging out with friends, we all require some smart, modular and portable device which is easy to carry and handy enough. And our major concern has always remained that it should be wireless so that we could save ourselves from all the trouble caused by a ton of wires and cables that we have to carry in order to connect to these devices or simply make them work.

Worry no more on how to manage cables and wires as Qubis Technologies backed by Kickstarter have come up with a device which is one of its kinds. Qubis is a modular, portable, smart and stylish 3 in 1 device which will provide you with ultra-quality speakers, light and power bank. All these three components are detachable in nature and can be connected to a central hub according to the need of the user. The device is wireless and charged through a high mAh power bank. This device is affordable and suitable to all age groups be it children or adults. Whether you at the party in school, on the road or at work. It will fulfill your needs everywhere. The device has not just one pair of speakers but to provide you with excellent sound experience, we have added extra speakers which can be used according to nature of the event you are taking the device too. It is not necessarily important to take the whole device with you; you can either take the whole device or the components of your choice and need, along. To provide users with more good outdoor experience and entertainment, Qubis has also added light to the system to enhance its ability which obviously can be removed as per the needs. Not only this, but this multimedia modular device also provides you with the facility of charging your smartphones without connecting them to some cable or port instead of just placing on the power bank that comes with Qubis. As the device is easy to carry hence you can take it to anywhere you want and get amazed by non-stop entertainment on the go. It is specially designed for you by keeping in mind all your day to day needs giving you portable and hassle free access to enjoyment and amusement. It is the major invention of this century giving you some quality and enjoyable experience.

Go grab yourself Qubis and keep swaying with never-ending music and entertainment.