Filtronic, a renowned electronics specialist based in the United Kingdom, is currently developing cutting-edge technology designed to empower next-generation satellite connectivity in providing widespread high-speed broadband internet coverage.

The company, with support from the European Space Agency (ESA) and the United Kingdom Space Agency, actively develops spacefaring hardware to establish swift, high-capacity connections between communication satellites in low Earth orbit and ground stations for data reception.

ESA’s Vision for Digital Transformation

This contract is an integral component of ESA’s initiatives to propel the digital transformation of both society and industry in the realm of 5G technology.

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Low Earth orbit constellations represent a pivotal component of emerging 5G and 6G integrated networks, enhancing terrestrial communication infrastructure and guaranteeing seamless, immediate, and universal connectivity.

Telecommunications satellites facilitate connectivity through the transmission and reception of data using radio waves, and various segments of the radio spectrum offer differing capabilities in terms of speed, data capacity, and bandwidth.

Filtronic’s technology functions within extremely high-frequency bands, commonly referred to as millimetre waves, which provide expansive bandwidths, rapid data rates, and minimal latency across localized areas.

Unlocking 5G’s Potential

Amidst the ongoing 5G digital transformation, the adoption of this frequency range is surging in prominence, primarily due to its capacity to facilitate crucial applications such as autonomous transportation, the Internet of Things, and industrial automation.

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Filtronic has established an impressive commercial track record in the field of developing millimetre wave products for terrestrial communications.

This contract is expected to open up numerous commercial prospects within the space industry, encompassing enhanced production efficiency and the emergence of spin-off technologies, leveraging the firm’s expertise.

This contract forms a vital component of ESA’s Space for 5G and 6G Programme, falling within ESA’s Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) initiative.

Innovations Driving Satellite Communications

ARTES dedicates itself to fostering commercial innovation, thereby strengthening European and Canadian prominence in the fiercely competitive global satellite communications (satcom) market.

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In an era where we depend increasingly on satellite communications in all facets of our daily existence, innovations that enhance and broaden the reach of these services have emerged as a driving force within the worldwide space industry.

Filtronic’s products, designed to address significant challenges like the growing bandwidth demands in emerging telecommunications, serve as a remarkable illustration of the UK’s excellence in this field. We are seizing opportunities to enhance services that improve our lives and contribute to the expansion of our thriving satellite communications sector and the broader space industry.

Paul Bate – Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency

ESA takes pride in collaborating with Filtronic on a project that harnesses the company’s outstanding commercial expertise to drive the digital transformation of both society and industry. This endeavour involves the advancement of hybrid satellite 5G networks.

Antonio Franchi – Head of ESA’s 5G/6G Programme

Filtronic has already pioneered various technologies and products tailored for millimetre wave bands. With this contract, we are poised to align our core technology with the low Earth orbit market.

Satellite connectivity operators are progressively gravitating towards frequencies capable of delivering ultra-high bandwidth data connections, and Filtronic possesses a distinctive advantage in adapting pre-existing products, already manufactured at commercial scales, to meet the precise demands of space.

Tudor Williams – Director of Technology at Filtronic

Filtronic is exceptionally well-positioned to fulfil this contract. The company’s unique in-house design and manufacturing capabilities in the UK make them a standout choice. Through the ARTES program, ESA is thrilled to collaborate with Filtronic in establishing a prominent presence in this dynamic and expanding sector.

Fabrizio De Paolis – 5G/6G Implementation Manager at ESA