Samsung is a company that has never failed to disappoint its users with what it has to offer them. Be it in the television sector, home electronics or telecommunication sector the company has always been highly innovative. It seemed like only yesterday when teenagers and young adults would be wooing over the flip and slide phones of Samsung against the simple structure of Nokia or Sony phones at that time. Even at that time Samsung came up with the flip and slide phones that were the most durable in the market.

Samsung- You are Affordable!!

What’s impressive about Samsung is that it has something to offer to every user at all times, as per their need and affordability. A relevant example in the current generation of phones would be that, when other big brands like Nokia, HTC, Sony and LG have largely done away with T9 phones and QWERTY phones to cater to the low end market Samsung continues to cater to this market segment. This by no means is a reflection the company falling behind in its innovation in the current smart phone series, its presence in that market segment is pretty apparent to any user of an Android smart phone.

However it won’t be wrong to say that the company is “under the pump” at present. Samsung won over the market with its Galaxy Series and continues to do so with its most recent models including the S4, S5, Note 3 and Note 4. This has also been coupled with the most recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5. Samsung’s phones are offering the most recent version of android, amazing hardware and exceptional performance. The problem that is arising is that there are brands that are either offering more for the same price as Samsung’s phones or have phone that offer greater value for money.

HTC- The next Big Player!

It has been two consecutive years since HTC is banging the number smartphone award globally. With its HTC One and now HTC M8 the company has a large number of users preferring its phones over Samsung. The reasons for these include the aesthetic appeal of HTC’s telephone sets and the features it offers in terms of its display and usability are much more than that of Samsung.

LG Vs Samsung

Another tough competition for Samsung is LG which is picking up in the Android market with its phones like LG G3. This phone is sleek and has almost the same features as Samsung’s latest models but at a lesser price.

Google Nexus- Best comes in the end!!

Additionally Google’s Nexus has been cannibalizing Samsung’s market share to a great extent. If this wasn’t enough the Chinese brands like Voice and Q-mobile are creating replicas of Samsung’s high end Android phones and selling them at less than half the price resulting in massive cannibalization of the low to mid end consumers of cell phones.

In such times the company needs to do away with incremental improvements on its cell phones, which was done form S4 to S5. Every model it launches needs to have significant additions form its previous versions for it to convince its users that their phones offer value for money. It is time for the company to move into top gear where innovation in its cell phones is concerned if its wants to prevent losing out to competition.