Smartphones have captured huge market in today’s time. Using touch screen for cellular use has now become so common that many various brands of mobile companies now opt for various materials for making of screen but apple does it differently. Yes, apple Smartphones generally called as iPhones have Sapphire in their screen that makes it look different and makes it durable and resistant from scratches too.

Why investing in Sapphire

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Since many cellular companies prefer to use glass touch displays which can easily get scratches and cracks that makes your phone weak and makes it look dull too in this competitive world of Mobile devices. Sapphire that is second after diamond in terms of hardness can help you to prevent yourself from these damages and makes your phone protective and good in overall appearance. Many Luxury Smartphones are using Sapphire and including Apple Inc many small parts of iPhones including Screen, camera glass, and cover lens and thumbprint reader were made from it. Also, recent announced apple phones mainly iPhone 6 and 6plus and iWatch will include a sapphire face. Apple recently has invested about $700 million in a sapphire factory for production of its products.



Using Sapphire has great benefits but great benefits sometimes come with some problems too.  The problems in buying sapphires are that the cost of this material is 5 to 10 times more than the hard glass used for Smartphones.  Thus, it limits the use to small screen or some other specialized devices. Many GT advanced technologies are trying to solve the cost problems of Sapphire in order to make its availability wider. The solutions to this is sought out that with a new manufacturing process that will be cheap and efficient will produce the sheets of the material- Sapphire that will be as thick as a hard piece of paper. When lamination process will be provided, this material itself can do a lot to prevent the damage to your phone and makes your interaction easier and a happier one. Since it only requires a very thin layer of it for preventing your phone from scratches or cracks when the phone is dropped or faces any harsh material to interact with.



Keeping in mind the need for sapphire in latest Smartphones and to prevent damage the  GT advance technologies have come up with the solution that with the help of ion accelerators, the properties will be modifies and a machine will be develop that will be 10 times powerful to make sheets of sapphire. This particular method will prove out to be a good success as improvements will be done over conventional means of creating thin sapphire sheets.