Network providers are engaged in a daily basis competition; as with every other business industry, the competition between MNOs are intense. It seems like every other Mobile Network Provider is in competition as to who can provide the best roaming service, mobile data service, and more. But what about providing the best security for subscribers?

Providing the best Security Solution is beneficial to both the Mobile Network Provider and their subscribers. A great security system will not only protect a network from malicious threats but also can protect each subscriber individually as well.

What is this Security Solution for?

Nowadays, it is difficult to identify cyber attacks. Especially because these types of attacks usually go unnoticed in a network. Most of these methods are sophisticated, hackers and privacy invaders use a wide variety of source locations and masks the true content of each virus.

A majority of the time, several security solutions cannot take action or investigate until organizations have already been struck by malicious traffic. By that time, the network has already been compromised, and it is highly possible that there have already been damaged and issues.

These types of attacks happen not just on giant companies, but on small companies and their regular subscribers as well. To put it simply, if one subscriber is compromised, the whole network is at risk, and if the network is at risk, then every subscriber is at risk, as well. This, in turn, will not only be a security risk, putting a company in a situation where it can lose valuable data and asset but can also cost a huge revenue issue in the long run.

What can be done?

Fortunately, provides a state-of-the-art, revolutionary Security Solution for Mobile Network Operators. This security solution equips MNOs with the proper tools not only to detect attacks but also to actively protect the subscribers against the attackers.

Cellusys serves as a network’s first line of defence against cyber and network attacks, preventing different threats such as Spam, Phishing, Fraud, Viruses, Spoofing, Faking – just to name a few. This innovative protection helps with identifying threats – both old and new and creating a new set of rules to guard the network against getting similar types of attacks in the future.

These set of rules are designed to protect the network actively every second of every day. It examines each message and data that enters the network carefully and blocks any malicious or suspicious activities that come in and out of the network. The only thing that can get in is protected and safe messages so the network will not be at risk of losing any data.

How important is a Mobile Security Solution?

Having a safe and trusted Security Solution in place will not only help a Mobile Network to protect company and subscriber’s private and confidential data but it also helps to increase revenue. Cellusys has a proven track record when it comes to helping MNOs and MVNOs protection against hackers and malicious attacks, the company has also increased customer’s revenue throughout the years.

As a Mobile Network Operator, equipping your network with the best Security Solution will also aid in building a safer, better reputation with subscribers. After all, everyone is at risk of losing their privacy through SMS and the online world nowadays. Everyone wants to feel safe and protected from any security risk. It is more likely that every network subscriber will choose a network who is equipped with the best security solutions as opposed to those who are offering just the best mobile signal service. At the end of the day, it is Cellusys’ goal to protect not just the network, but every single subscriber in the network.