A virtual private network assists you to manage and organize network that connects you to internet at huge level. VPN server is connected with you network and also it is encrypted, and if you surf the broader and extensive through less significant and safe network then it will be difficult for everyone. Similarly, IP address can also disclose the data and information easily. In this article I’ll share how you can hide, protect and secure VPN and IP.

Six main ideas to protect internet privacy: following are the main ideas through which you can protect your data that might leak through IP, VPN and other proxy services.

  1. Onion routing technology: It is an open supply of product or services which is free since 1990s. This technology first developed by the US Naval Research Laboratory and it is specially developed to defend the US intelligence communications online. In 2006 it turn out to the biggest and most accepted onion routing product and service and known as TOR the onion router project. This software keeps you by vigorous communications that spread by volunteers around the globe. It also put off everybody from watching your connection that includes your ISP.
  2. I2P: it is another technology establishes in 2003, it is also free and source is unblocked. I2P is a privacy network for safe and protected communications, which circulate through channels that identified by I2P addresses that includes both sender and receiver. I2P uses encryption that is end-to-end so that your content must be secure and secret. Key attribute of I2P is that encryption is integral like other proxies Vpns and TOR exit nodes all need you to reliance the outer point, it is the point where data go away from their system.
  3. Private Channel: it is a VPN product that contains open VPN technologies. It pretense user’s public IP address, so they can explore the web secretly as well as protect their networks against cyber attacks. Private channel is incorporated with open DNS and other anti-malware technology.
  4. NordVpn: it is a device that especially used to make sure that all information is collective from the internet is encrypted and confidential. NordVpn encrypts user data from a safe tunnel prior accessing the internet and keep shelter from sensitive information about one’s site and hides IP address. Just user’s connection VPN server information is able to be seen and not anything.
  5. CyberGhost: it is a mature product, tried and tested by 20 million users worldwide, that creates an encrypted tunnel between user’s device and CyberGhost servers. Based on OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP protocols, this VPN solution has a strict no-logs policy (doesn’t track user’s activity over the Internet), offers 256-bit AES Encryption, unlimited bandwidth and traffic, multiplatform apps for all devices, simultaneous connections on up to 7 devices and access to over 2700 servers worldwide; its price is lower than expected based on its feature list.
  6. SSL private Proxy services: this offer high speed, secure VPNs and secret proxies. This service provides communication about more than 100 sites around the world. In this, user gets an IP address with speed of 100 Mbps and 300 plus subnets. This also provides a complete programmed, accessible control panel for simple management. You can also use about five proxies anytime for larger internet traffic.