SleepEeg is a sleep comfort system that can release marijuana vapor during peak times in your sleep cycle. The aim is to help you sleep better or dream longer.

The team at SleepEeg are a serious group of engineers and neuroscientists. They developed SleepEeg as the Ultimate Sleep Tracker.
Not only does it track your sleep, it also produces lights, sounds and aromas that make your sleep better. It uses sensors attached to your body to study the effects of these sensations on your sleep. Over time it produces more patterns more often. The aim is to help you induce a particular state, like sleep or dreaming.

So why are they also going down the controversial road of vaping. The reason is simple – but surprising.

The system is pretty complex as the it records a huge amount of bio and environmental data. It needs to record how you respond to stimuli as you sleep. To learn this the system needs to record a serious amount of data. The learning period is currently estimated at one month, but external interference could increase this time.

Over time we can learn how to increase the time you spend in a particular state. Better sleep and healthier minds is our ultimate aim. During their research they started reading about the ‘Lucid dreaming’ market. They were surprised by the amount of vaporware and pseudoscience out there. So they thought the idea of Lucid dreaming induction was worth studying.

‘We also think it’s important to democratize science – so you can do basically whatever you want with it. We just want the data! ‘ Says co-creator Aaron Kelly.

Aromas like lavender help some people sleep and smells can induce strong memories. So the big question is, what would
happen if we released a strong memory inducer at peak dream time. Furthermore, what would happen if we used a psychoactive drug vapor and released it as you reached peak dream susceptibility.

‘We don’t know – our studies so far have been too small to have any real significance’ says Aaron.
But it will be interesting to find out.

The use of vape based systems calls into question legality. The team at SleepEeg have decided to avoid this issue. They will be asking all pre-backers Alpha tester to sign an waiver form – explaining that how they use it is a personal choice.

So as a sleep and dream assisting system – it sounds very interesting. Throw in the Lucid dreaming applications and you have an amazing potential product.

The team at SleepEeg are currently looking for Alpha backers – you can find out more here: