Illumio is a security startup that has just launched and has already signed up Yahoo and some other major companies that are looking for new methods for their data centers protection.

As companies invest more money and data in cloud computing, the criminal activities are also getting higher. This summer, for instance, JPMorgan told that the 76 million accounts of U.S. households along with 7 million business accounts are accessed devoid of any authorization.

A startup with good funds has just launched by the name Illumio and it claims that the software it offers can lessen the incidence as well as the extent of these types of breaches with the help of a brand new approach to securing software used in the data centers.

The leaders of the company comprises of people having executive experience at VMware (software virtualization firm), Juniper (networking equipment giant), and Nicira (networking startup taken over by VMware). Illumio raised $42 million in venture funding.

The cofounder & CTO of Illumio said that the technology introduced is made to shut the risky gap that was opened as computing came to revolve around the huge data centers with numerous data centers having a number of networked servers present. The interior of such complex networks are normally protected or unobserved, which means that the hacker who access these computers can explore whatever they want to. Kirner says, “There’s a soft & chewy inside these data centers”.

The technology for security purposes used today normally takes the physical devices form, like firewalls, that make a barrier that observes and capable of blocking traffic to and from the wider Internet. Such devices aren’t good enough for monitoring the connections that are made in the data center, where the data flow varies frequently as well as the demands placed on software applications and servers. The technology introduced by Illumio changes that.

Servers present in the modern data centers normally run different copies of Linux or Windows concurrently. The products of Illumio work by attacking software “agents” to every operating system residing on each server. The data these agents send back to the central control panel of the Illumio gives a global data view moving around within a data center. Responses to any suspicious activity can be sent back to these software agents for any enforcement – possibly closing down the attacks.

The CIO of Yahoo, Mike Kail says that the change is long overdue. He further added that the network security solutions never evolved for more than 20+ years.

Other major customers of Illumio’s comprises of Morgan Stanley and NTT, Japanese Telecommunication Company.