Online conversations have been very popular off late and we are always on the lookout to make things interesting. However, texts and other forms of conversations have reached their saturation limits and hardly pique the interest of the reader. Many companies have actually realized the same and added a new aspect to how they usually interact with the customers.

This brings us to the topic of emojis and emoticons which have been very popular for the last few years—courtesy the expressiveness they bring along. The best part about these emojis and special characters is that they completely eliminate the need for texts and any other sort of communication. That said, there are a host of emojis which can be inserted to any existing conversation, just by using something called an emoji keyboard.

Be it a Whats-app chat or a conversation over Facebook messenger, Emojis have a lot of potential in them to spice up conversations. In simpler terms, these characters make the easiest of replies and the user doesn’t need to do a lot.

Loopholes and Precautions:

However, every emoji isn’t the same and it takes quite a lot of effort to understand more about each one of them. These characters are nothing but pictorial representations of special instances and objects but their smaller scale doesn’t allow individuals to be too critical about them. Then again, the expressive emoticons need to be clearly understood before sending along an existing conversation. For example, you wouldn’t want to send a wink if you are discussing something serious.

There are many websites with a long list of emojis and the associated meanings against their name.Moreover, it is important to have a clear understand of each and every character before moving ahead with the emoji keyboards— both virtual and physical. While emojis are great additions to one’s repertoire, understand their meanings is of paramount importance.