In the modern world we rely on the internet for help in almost every aspect of our daily lives. Whether you need to find a new car, a new recipe to cook something different or some motivational content to get you through a tough day at work, the internet has all the answers for you. If you like something you would later want to revisit that site, can help you easily bookmark your favorite webpages. The idea behind is to save your time and to let you browse the internet more effectively. will help you to spend more time on browsing through your favorite webpages rather than spending time and energy on trying to search for them. lets you easily organize your bookmarks on a customizable dashboard. This way you can arrange your favorite webpages to your convenience.

Listed below are features of, your personal bookmarking tool.

  • Never lose sight of your favorites

Saving web links is easy, but trying to find them can be hard when you are a frequent user. provides a home for all your favorite webpages so that you never have to lose them or waste time on searching for them.

  • Easy accessibility offers easy accessibility on every device. You don’t need to worry about your device being compatible with it as it can easily adapt to phones and tablets alike. This means you can access your favorites on the go or from the comfort of your couch!

  • News feed reader comes with an integrated RSS news feed reader. This helps you scan more news in lesser time and keep up with the latest. It especially helps knowledge workers who go through hundreds of news feeds as a part of their routine. The RSS news feed reader lets them stay on top of things. Whether it’s the latest on New York Times or you want to watch the latest video on goalcast, has you sorted.

  • Keyword alerts integrates with Google Alerts to allow you to keep tabs on the latest news about your company, your competitors or general changing trends in the market. This way you can never miss out on important information.

  • Integration allows you to integrate all your important business information in one place and makes it accessible. Your latest emails, calendars alerts or to-do lists can be customized on the dashboard easily.

Get and save things that matter in a smarter way.