Evolution of discoveries and information, as well as the technology available in the market, are already unstoppable. Almost every week, or in the case of the current demands of the majority of the people around the world, there a new invention almost every day, overcoming a product that has just been released a week ago, or months ago. With this fast paced shift in the industry of technology, how will this affect the current state of education of the countries around the world? Will it change the state of education of the current generation, or it will supply a gap between traditional teachers and the progression of technologies and honed attitudes of the modern students?

Traditional kind of teaching

In the traditional kind of teaching, teachers use chalk or white board markers. Teachers usually use white board markers and chalk to list down the things they teach and explain and solve mathematical problems for example. In this way of teaching, several problems arise not just to the teacher but also to the student. One of the biggest problems students encounter with this kind of teaching is its undeniable part that when the teacher reaches he’s middle part of the discussion, the dialogues became boring. Not only that, it also provides different kinds of diseases when in constant exposure to chalk and the disgusting smell of white board markers. But no doubt, this kind of teaching is the most interactive because the teacher sees the student’s reaction, perception and reception spontaneously. Not just those, with the interactive avenue of the traditional way of teaching, teachers can easily respond to questions and correct wrongdoings of students.

Using technologies

With the presence of the newest inventions around the globe, like iPad, android phones and fast online communication technique, the current education means are already shifting to adapt to this new kind of environment. Teachers are already loosing up – trying to fit themselves into the new generation.  Some of the teachers are now using iPad as their books, trying to teach using this kind of technology wherein educators use mobile and android applications to instruct students. For example, teachers create exercises and mathematical problems using android and iPad and letting students answer the questions using their own iPads and mobile cell phones. It’s now also possible for teachers to connect with their students through VoIP apps for mobile devices, which are much the same as those offered by companies like RingCentral.


Some teachers around the world already subscribe to this kind of teaching. There’s no impossible things with a very fast Internet and a provider that syncs iPads and mobile phones together. Echalk is one of the newly established sites that help students and teachers build an interactive way of teaching online and home-based.  It is an interacting site wherein students and teachers can upload their reading materials, quizzes and presentations so that certain groups of people can access the said materials wherever they are, making it more conducive for students to study and for teachers to educate even if not in front of each other.

Online and traditional ways of teaching are way different from each other. The list of pros and cons between the two could go on and on. But one thing is for sure, whatever the kind of technology may arrive; education of young minds shall not be compromised in any way. Schooling, as well as technology, shall not interfere with any teenager’s education, because it is the most precious thing that a man can provide technology aside. Technologies and large pool of information may help the schooling of the current generation, but quality education thru quality interaction is still the most vital part of education.

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