Mobile phones and laptop computers were once a luxury. How times have changed and now, keeping up with evolving tech is harder than ever and what was once luxury is now almost compulsory.

Simpler times

Before the wonders of the microchip, which made everything infinitively smaller, a phone was something that sat on a little table in your house. More importantly, it had just one function – it was a telephone, designed to make and receive calls. That might seem an obvious point to make, but these days a phone is far more than just a phone. Much like the computer, what was once a purely functional and business related item is now an accessory that everyone needs, or at least thinks they need, a phone is now a multifaceted item, which people can’t seem to live without.

Technology On The Move

When mobile phones first emerged they had trouble getting a signal and laptops that weighed a tonne and had the memory of a goldfish.  However, the advancement in these items over the last 15 years is unbelievable. Mobile phones that double up as a TV, radio, diary and a mini-computer have infiltrated everyone’s lives. The amount of add-ons and accessories you can get for mobiles is insane! Just check out sites online and look at the thousands of “extras” you can use with your phone. Laptops have gone the same way too. What was once the poor step-child of the computer world is now a leader. These days’ laptops are super powerful with great memories and are the choice of many businessmen and students alike. In-between the phone and the laptop is the tablet PC, a kind of cross-breed of the two. Small enough to fit in a handbag but slim and sleek like a modern phone.

Make Sure You Keep Up

I resisted the urge to get a cool looking smart phone for a while, but since switching over I regret taking so long to do it. It’s amazing how quickly things progress; by the time I had got used to using my new phone, the newer ones were coming out with more and more handy features. I used to assume that I didn’t need all “that extra stuff” as I just wanted a phone. I didn’t realise how handy a sat-nav, a diary, internet connection, instant messenger, digital radio and a dozen other things would be. Don’t get left behind, enjoy all this new tech while you can or you might end up being the obsolete one!

Author Bio: Ted Hart has been writing for technology and science blogs for a number of years, contributing to a number of magazines and websites such as