Thermistors are in so many different electronic products. You’d be astounded to learn how many things in your home contain these temperature-gauging products.

Let’s go through each room in the average home to discuss the different products that have thermistors inside of them.


Your garage is often where you store your car or your power tools. You may be surprised to learn that thermistors are often used in both.

Inside of your vehicle, thermistors are used around the engine to detect high temperature values. If the temperature reaches an unacceptably hot temperature, the thermistor will alert the driver on the dashboard.

If you have power tools, like saw tables and other large equipment, thermistors are often used inside of them to prevent them from overheating and to prevent potential damage caused by power surges.


Inside your kitchen, smaller electronic appliances that conduct heat are likely to contain thermistors. These will include your microwave, toasters, toaster ovens, waffle makers, and electric griddles. Thermistors are used in these appliances to maintain a reached temperature.


Hair dryers, curling irons, and straighteners are home for many thermistors. Thermistors are used to maintain the level of heat decided on by the user. Without a thermistor in these items, you could risk causing a house fire with a curling iron you forgot to unplug or turn off!


In your office, thermistors are lurking inside of your computer! Older computers are notorious for overheating. This is largely due to old or faulty thermistors. Thermistors are used inside computers to regulate the temperature to prevent temperature-related damage to the computer.


Inside your bedroom, you likely lay in your bed and watch videos or browse social media before falling asleep. Thermistors can actually be found inside of smartphone batteries. Because this generation is the first to use their phones nearly every waking hour of the day, thermistors provide a great way to keep them from overheating and causing different safety problems.


In your living room, you likely enjoy a variety of different electronic products that make your life more enjoyable. This includes your television and different electronic gaming systems. The living room is the most likely place you will find a surge protector.

Surge protectors are used to protect different electronic products that are plugged in to it in the event of a power surge. Power surges happen when too much energy is directed into the appliance or electronic that is plugged in. This can not only result in damage to the product but could also cause an electrical fire. Surge protectors, and the thermistors in them, provide ample protection against safety hazards associated with power surges.


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