The Online Browser XMR Mining

0 team focus on providing easy way for mining monero, users can start mining immediately by using browser. Once you registered and logined, just click Start Mining to start your monero mining trip, and you can make money easy and free.


To celebrate the on-line! We provide 3 activities:

Activity 1: New user registration rewards 10.00 mXMR (closing date: 18 February 2018)

Activity 2: The inviter get 100.00 mXMR bounty when invited users withdraw 1000.00 mXMR. You will reward 30.00 mXMR for every 10 active miners invited, with no ceiling. (only active users)

Activity3: Our system will giveaway a random reward to all users who have been mining for more than seven days online. (closing date: 18 January 2018)


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I am Alec Kennedy, Specialist in web Design and development. I seek information about the latest technologies available in the market and provide necessary updates about the same.

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