The android devices are becoming vital part of our daily life. These devices are becoming media consumption machines. We use these devices to entertain ourselves by watching videos from the web. The internet browsing is so easy in these devices due to their large display screens. The 3G and 4G data plans are not unlimited to enjoy stream less entertainment through your device by connecting to internet. So, due to this limitation, you have to reduce your data consumption to minimize the use of your data plan Gigabytes provided by the service providers.

In this article, I will give you some tips through which you can easily reduce your data consumption in your device.

  • Limit The Background Usage Of Culprit Apps

In android operating system, there is built-in tool for tracking the data usage of the device. This tool can be reached by tapping Settings menu and then in Data Usage. In this section, you can check data usage of all apps. You can limit the usage of certain apps which you feel are un-necessary for you. This target can easily be achieved by tweaking some settings.

The most data usage by apps is by auto update feature of the applications. You can easily limit the update of any application over Wi-Fi only. This option will minimize the data consumption of your mobile data plan.

  • Data Compression In Chrome

Another tip to reduce data consumption is to reduce the data usage in Google chrome. The most commonly used browser in android devices by people is Google Chrome. You can easily tweak the settings of Chrome to reduce the data usage. By going to Bandwidth Management in the Settings menu of browser, you can turn on the option there. After turning on the reduce data usage option, the browser will compress the data before downloading it to your smartphone.

Another option is to use Opera Mini as your default browser. It is lightweight and fast browser which compress the data usage up to some extent. The data usage can be compressed up to 90% in Opera Mini. You can check the statistics of data usage compression by going to Data Usage buried under Help option.

  • Use Opera Max Or Onavo Extend

If you are a downloader instead of only browser of internet, then you may need to use any media compression tool. There are two alternatives available which can be used one is Opera Max and second one is Onavo Extend.

By creating a VPN connection, Max or Extend can be used to compress the Twitter, Instagram pictures and videos too.

These are the three tips to reduce the data consumption in your android smartphone. You can use any of the above described tips to reduce the data consumption. If you know any other tips than the described, then will be happy to acknowledge.