There is one thing that keeps android unique from its competitors is its app widgets. Widgets present on your lock screen and home screen offer swift ways of seeing and accessing information in real time. And yes, they add beauty too!

Here are the top 10 widgets for your android phone that we think should be given a try!

Clock and Weather Widgets

  • Beautiful Widgets Free

Personalize your home screen the way you want. With beautiful appearance you can have detailed weather forecast info, complete clocks with date and alarm functionality, exceeding 2500 themes and numerous other functionalities. This app has one million paid downloads which means it actually has to offer something really awesome!

  • Animated Analog Clock Widget

Quite neatly made widget with a clock having a seconds hand. The clock offers different elegant styles and more of these styles can be downloaded if required.

  • 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

This is one extensive widget with 10 days of forecast and shows real time weather updates and forecasts. The features along with the UI and design are a few things that make this widget stand out from the rest.

News Widgets

  • Scrollable News Widget

It loads your RSS newsfeed in a simple and clean scrollable timeline on your home screen. It has an open source which allows coders to customize it the way they want.

  • Reddinator

Those who prefer reddit forums for reading news, this is a nice and clean widget. The scrollable widget allows you to see all the trending stories in the subreddit of your choice.

Notes Widgets

  • Google Keep

Google’s own app for taking notes offers a nice widget, offering latest saved lists, photos, and notes, and giving you a quick button for jotting down something instantly.

  • Evernote Widget

Those who are in the habit of taking notes would totally love this widget. It offers scrollable list and a quick glance of recently seen notes, along with the shortcuts to making new notes, reminders, and settings.

  • ColorNote NotePad Notes

This widget is really cool since it offers you different colors for making notes. It offers checklist, password lock notes, reminders, status bar notes, online backup and numerous other features not to be missed.

Utilities Widgets

  • App Dialer

If you don’t feel like scrolling through your various apps to find the one you need, you will love App Dialer. Based on the old T9 method, the widget allows you to type in only a few letters and find the app you are looking for instantly.

  • Slider

You can place a customizable set of settings shortcuts on your home screen with the help of Slider. With the help of it you can change system volumes, change ringtone, or change screen brightness without the need to go through the various settings.