Google added live wallpapers in version 2.1 of Android, which appeared firstly on Nexus One. At that time, this functionality was not more than curiosity as no one was familiar. Most of the live wallpapers suck battery lifetime of Android phone and are too enlighten moving behind the icons of phone.

After four years, live wallpapers enhanced to make your Smartphone experience alive, without having their obvious drawback of battery consumption. Let’s check out the best 4 android live wallpapers which will not consume your battery lifetime.

  • Muzeunnamed

It is the newly arrived live wallpaper in Play Store which operates differently as compared with other apps resides in this category. This app pulls in high resolution images and rotates them in as your background. There are dim and blur filters available in the live wallpaper, which are valuable to avoid home screen to become busy. You can see any image without blur filter from live wallpaper by just double tapping on the image.

The best thing about the live wallpaper is the amazing ecosystem of extensions with which new sources of images are added frequently. You can simply download it from Google Play Store for free.

  • Custom Beamphase4

Before the Ice-cream Sandwich version of Android, phase beam live wallpaper was used because it was not much heavy to guzzle battery lifetime. But it was boring as there were no options to manipulate according to our need. The alternative for this is Custom Beam, which gives you the availability to produce same results as Phase Beam, but with a lot of options to play around. If you don’t like the default blue/purple look, you can modify it to anything you like. It includes settings to set the speed of animation and also for angle of color gradient. It will cost $1.49 to unlock everything.

  • Mountains Nowdownload

Mountain Now comes with “Google Now” header image, overtaking your home screen. The look includes little floating ships, mountains in foreground and clouds drifting onward as you’re perspective moves forward. The killing feature in the live wallpaper is that it produces parallax effect by using your device gyroscope. The solid colors with combination of straight lines never come across you and icons. The full version costs $1.63, but there is a free version available with minimum features.

  • WaveWave-Live-Wallpaper-Lite

This wallpaper produces smooth wave series with glowing energy lines that roll across the screen. It vaguely reminds of the background, which we see on Playstation3 or PSP. There is full customization facility available to alter color, speed and magnitude of the waves. You can tune it up into your device as it is smooth and power efficient. The cost of this live wallpaper is $1.49 in Google Play Store, but there is free trial offered which you can utilize to make your screen active and alive.