In the past few years, Virtual Private Servers have become extremely popular in the hosting industry. A Virtual Private Server or a VPS, has its own operating system or OS that functions for an individual user. Like a dedicated server, the VPS creates a dedicated environment within a shared hosting environment serving as a bridge between the two.

The Virtual Private Servers are perfect for individuals who want a dedicated hosting for their venture but are not equipped with the technical knowledge needed for it. You get a great platform to increase skills and to try dedicated hosting with VPS.

Similar to other web hosting, VPS has a lot of benefits for its users. We have listed below the top 5 benefits of a Virtual Private Server for you.

  1. It is more reliable than shared hosting.

The Virtual Private Servers has significant reliability and stability. Unlike shared hosting services, VPS don’t tend to crash or suffer because one of the users on the shared network messed up. The impact on your website’s performance and uptime is avoided caused by shared hosting. With completely isolated servers even on nodes hosting a number of them, you get the optimal uptime and the best performance on your website.

  1. You get a great degree of control over your server.

This is probably the best thing about a VPS. It allows you to have a full access to the server. You get to make changes and create an environment that befits your needs. You don’t need to wait for your server provider’s support when you need to open a port or get a custom software installed. Also you can avoid the security limitations that are tied to shared-web servers.

  1. They are easy to scale.

A VPS is ideal for a growing business. With a hosting server that enables easy scaling, you won’t have to face overload or website downtime. Depending on your package, your VPS container is loaded with some resources that can be upgraded and allocated according to your requirement. For example you will be able to add extra RAM to your container by the click of a button if you are expecting heavy traffic on your website and need support.

  1. You get to save with VPS.

With the technological developments in virtualization, dedicated hosting servers have become less expensive than they were before. They are available for all website sizes no matter how big or small. With Cheap VPS available in the market, dedicated web servers are not out of reach anymore. You get a dedicated hosting environment in prices that are as low as the shared hosting servers but without all the risks and issues associated with them.

  1. They have a number of other uses apart from web hosting.

You are not just limited to website hosting with a VPS. You can easily set-up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) using a VPS. And you can even use it as a cloud backup solution.

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