Twitter is working on a new, completely revamped version of Spaces with some exciting features. The social media company has been testing out this updated chat room feature for quite some time now and users have given great feedback about what they would like to see in future updates!

The new Spaces design is still under wraps, but a Twitter insider has shared some screenshots of what to expect. However these images are not accurate and outdated – so we might still get an idea of where this could be going!

Watchful has revealed some new images that show the audio rooms will be organized by topics like Music and Sports. Additionally, they’re represented with colorful cards made for each program as well! It also looks like Spaces might receive a feature called “Your daily digest,” which shows you episodes of programs followed if it’s already active on your account – this should work in much same way now anyway; though there may have been changes planned regarding how often these updates are sent out (perhaps every day). And finally… anyone listening?

Twitter is trying to rekindle the interest in their audio rooms. The company introduced Spaces back in November 2020, but now it seems like this new feature may be slowly dying along with other social media sites such as Clubhouse which has seen a huge increase recently due largely to its use by young people for meetings and conversations outside of school or work hours – also called “social bonding.”