screen mobiles come with a lot of sensors in them. The application developers also keep in mind the types of sensors in the mobile while developing an application for it. These sensors are used in a very creative way to produce very interactive and interesting applications and games.

Accelerometer and gyroscope


The purpose of gyroscope in a mobile is to detect the orientation of the mobile. On the other hand gyroscope is used to provide the information regarding the tracking rotation or the twist. In physics terms, Almost every smartphone in the market has got some types of sensors in it. Especially the touch an accelerometer is used for measuring the linear acceleration and a gyroscope is used for measuring the angular rotational velocity. In short, these two sensors are used for measuring the rate of change of different things.

The accelerometer can only provide you information regarding the directional movement of the mobile but cannot tell you anything about the lateral orientation or tilt during. For this purpose you will need the gyroscope.

Both these sensors with assistance of each other. By using an accelerometer only, you will be able to produce a clean output but it will be very sluggish or it will be very noisy but will be very responsive. You will need to combine 3-axis accelerometer and the 3-axis gyro for producing an output that is both, clean and responsive.

Digital compass


As the name of the sensor suggests, it is a simple digital compass which is based on a sensor called magnetometer and makes the mobile to work as a simple traditional compass. It provides simple orientation in relation to the magnetic field of our Earth. This sensor is mostly used in the digital maps for letting you know that which way is North.



This sensor is found in only some selective latest mobiles. Contrary to its name, this sensor has nothing to with measuring the wind speed. This sensor is deployed in the smartphones for assisting the GPS to obtain the altitude data quickly.


Proximity sensor

The proximity sensor is used to find out that how much your phone close to your body. When you bring the mobile closed to your ear, the proximity sensor detects it and automatically closes the display for saving the battery. This thing also helps in avoiding the accidental touch cause by your ear while answering a phone call.