For a few years now, people have practiced the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or more commonly known as, drones. These bird-like aircrafts are not being used for military operations anymore. Instead, these drones are used by many other different fields such as photography. On top of that, people have made use of this technology for sports as well, as drone sports is gaining noticeable fame lately. However, when choosing drones, most people are not properly aware of what type or brand of a drone would be best for them. Let us talk about some of the best drones which have been developed in today’s time and age.

DJI Phantom 3:

DJI Phantom 3 is one of the best-selling drones of 2016. With its exceptional flight experience, this drone provides the option of photos up to 12 Megapixel. With that said, it also provides you with live video streaming which is great to use for professional fields such as photography. With DJI Phantom 3, you will get an aerial experience, you have never witnessed before.

Hubsan X4:

One of the best features of this user-friendly drone is that the sensitivity on all the channels can be adjusted manually. This is very useful for the beginners. With an exceptional flight speed and a stability, second to none, the Hubsan X4 is aimed towards making an aerial experience easier and fun, especially for beginners.

Yuneec Q500 4K:

Most of the reviews over the internet prove that getting a hang to the Yuneec Q500 4K is relatively easy than most of the other drones present in the market. The versatility of this drone can give you a very pleasing aerial experience. On top of that, the long-lasting battery can give you a longer flight time, compared to its competitors.

Parrot AR 2.0:

The Parrot AR 2.0 is mainly renowned for performing stunts very easily. It is a user-friendly drone which can be controlled and handled very easily even by a beginner. The camera is very efficient and the fact that it is synchronized with mobile apps, gets this drone somewhere on the top of the list for best drones in the 21st century.

The above mentioned drones are some of the best drones of the 21st century. These drones have made a name for themselves with their enhanced flight time and flight efficiency. While these drones are great for an aerial experience, some people still might not know how to use them for a longer flight time. There is a lot of content available to guide you for a longer flight time with a drone.