As we are progressing in Communications and technology, we have developed several ways to get everyone stay connected. Wi-Fi yet is another remarkable innovation that has provided us with ease, broader networks and fast internet. Using Wi-Fi is a blessing for everyone today, but sometimes logging it from an unsecure network can cause trouble and can be dangerous too.  Sometimes using these unsecure networks can open ways to various issues which are following:

  1. Leaking of Personal Information

While you enjoy the free access to the internet at your home or workspace, but you didn’t know these free unsecure networks are indeed making your life filled with worry. Various unsecure networks are a way to get hold of people’s personal information and collect their data too. Many of us unaware about it login and put ourselves in trouble as that information can be misused by someone too.

  1. Allowing Hackers to monitor you

Sometimes free hotspots and unsecure Wifi are way many Hackers use to get hold of various people and their personal and business information. Also, by the use of this, many of the hackers can track your location, your Lifestyles and all the stuff which will provide them control of your life.

How Hackers get access to you?

According to the FBI, hackers are smart enough to play tricks and provide you free Wifi to get hold of your personal and business information. Usually they use Public hotspots for gaining access to the unsuspecting Victim’s Computer devices, be it laptops, mobile phones, tablets.

These hackers initially set a Bogus but somewhat acceptable looking Wifi- name and network that show strong signals. Next, the hacker waits for users who find it surprising to get a free wifi signal and immediately connects their devices to it. Once  the users are connected with the network, hackers get hold of all the sensitive information of the users including their ID’s, passwords on different social networks, credit card numbers etc. thus, all the valuable data can be gained by the hacker and can be used against you. Furthermore, the hacker can also record every keystroke of the connected people by directing them to phony WebPages.

How to Protect your Device?

Following are some the tips that one should follow in order to save their precious data:

  1. Keep the security of your devices tight and make sure the security is up to data. Install the current and latest versions of operating system , anti viruses, browsers anti-spyware software
  2. Avoid conducting high cash financial transactions or emails and instant messages revealing any financial information when you are connected to free hotspots
  3. Make the selection of your Wi-Fi Manual instead of automatic.