Last year, Microsoft started the journey of Windows platform tablets with Windows RT operating system. Windows RT was very similar to the Windows 8 but it was developed for the tablets having ARM architectures. So, it can be called as a flavor of Windows 8 OS.

Windows RT didn’t have the success which Windows 8 got but still there are users who are using Surface and other tablets which run on Windows RT operating system.

Now Microsoft is working on to roll out updates to its popular operating system. It’s already confirmed that Windows 8 is getting Windows Blue update and so the Windows RT will. According to latest leak, Windows RT 8.1 will be having lots of Windows Phone features like VPN, BLE and Bluetooth 4 support.

Let me take you one by one to all the leaked news which are all related to next version of Windows RT i.e. Windows RT 8.1.

First feature to begin with is the Bluetooth 4. Many new smartphones and tablets are already supporting Bluetooth 4.0 which features high speed data transfer and better battery life than all previous versions. Bluetooth 4.0 features lots of other minor improvements than of its previous version and as it is coming with Windows RT 8.1 so this will be a good feature to have in Windows running tablets.

Next feature to talk about is the BLE and I’m really excited about it. BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy and it uses less power to work. BLE is the best version of Bluetooth available till now and once it is added to the Windows RT 8.1 then the tablet running on this updated OS will have its battery life improved. BLE supports low cost and low energy to data transfer via Bluetooth. Since there are lots of wearable computing devices being developed these days like smartwatches so they affect the battery life of the device but once BLE is there then it will decrease the power consumption thus increasing battery life.

Next thing to come in Windows RT 8.1 is the VPN support. VPN will be supported by Windows RT apps too and it will be a great feature to have as it will help users to reduce data cost.

There will be increase in available apps for Windows RT with this new updated version and it will feature lots of minor improvements as well. Of course there will be bug fixes and performance improvements too.

One more improvement of which I care is the camera app improvement. The camera sensor will feature few more options like HDR and Panorama (expected) and its power consumption will also be decreased so to have better battery life.

So this version is focusing mainly on battery life improvement which is very really good to know. All these features will be also there in the upcoming Window Phone Blue update.

Microsoft Windows 8 operating system and all of its flavor are being liked by people around the globe and so there are lots of people waiting for these updates to be live soon.

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