The Internet Explorer 10 allows you to browse the websites of your choice with ease and comfort. No matter on which type of device are you, the Internet Explorer allows you to web browsing quite smoothly. Microsoft has built IE10 in such a way that it runs great on any kind of PC specially the touch devices. Most of the other browsers are mostly built and designed to be used solely by keyboard or mouse but this is not the case with the IE10 because the IE10 is finger friendly.

Microsoft has made the key features like the tabs, favourites and the address bar of finger size so that you can navigate the web pages and the websites by just flicking rather than hitting those tiny buttons which are found in other browsers.


The interface of IE10

The IE10 has been built with keeping this thing in mind that what kind of ease a user wants from a web browser. Using the IE10, you can pin the websites of your choice at the Start Screen so that you can access them instantly. The websites are run by IE10 in Fullscreen mode so that  you can enjoy the best experience as the designer of the website intended. All the controls for tabs and navigation appear on the screen only when you need them and remain hidden when you don’t need them

The IE10 has a great feature of Flip Ahead. It normally happens with other browsers that while if you want to go to the page 2 and try to hit its hyperlink, the page 5 link gets pressed but this problem has been solved by Flip Ahead in IE10. Using the Flip Ahead, you can navigate to the next page with a single swipe and this feature make the internet surfing on websites 99.3% less annoying.



Another important feature of IE10 is that it can customize itself according to your needs on a new device. It is portable. If you choose another Windows 8 device and want its IE10 to be customized in the same way as you were experiencing on your previous Windows 8 device then the IE10 will do it automatically for you. It will automatically update your favourites, passwords, bookmarks and some other browser settings.

IE10’s desktop version

Besides giving a remarkable experience for touch devices, the IE10’s desktop version is also great and it also runs smoothly and has many good features. The IE10’s desktop version also provides some security to your PC. By default setting, it comes in Enhanced Protected Mode. In this mode, the IE10 protects and saves your PC from the online attacks, malware and the other spams.