Is your mouse behaving a bit abnormally as soon as you booted up your newly installed windows 8.1 operating system? You are not the only one who is experiencing these erratic mouse behaviors. PC users ( who have to use a hand held mouse ) and others who are using mice on their system are experiencing abnormalities with their mice, and the problem lies with their operating system. Several PC gamers, who are inclined to use gaming mice while being immersed in gaming, are facing tremendous withdrawal behaviors. This is because several PC users, out of which several thousands who had upgraded to the windows 8.1 platform are facing several issues and all of them, are directed towards their mouse.

Has Microsoft Presented A Remedy To The Problem?


Microsoft has mentioned that it is fully aware of the problem and did not realize the bug would infect users at such a large scale. They have hinted towards bringing bug fixes that will help to reduce the below par performance issues that nearly all mice users are plagued with. They are also aware of the fact that their tech support site is being filled with suggestions, recommendations, complaints and cries, all at same time, trying desperately to find ways to help fix this annoyance. Multiple threads and topics can be found related to the problem on their website.

What Are The Problems Associated With The Mice?

Problems that have been confirmed up till now happen to be mouse stutters, which force the cursor to start jumping forward and backward without the user applying that much force. Another problem that has been identified is a scenario in which the distance the cursor moves on the screen is not equal to the distance the mouse moves. In addition to this, there is also inadequate mouse polling frequency, which ends up affecting speed the speeds and reaction times of the gamer.

Even after the gamers went in to the in – game settings and started to make the necessary changes, the problem still persisted. These problems are the first of many because when some users are also having difficulty in downloading the infamous Windows 8.1 operating system. These problems were more associated with tablets but since they belong to the same operating system, there are a few bugs that need to be sorted out soon. When will Microsoft bring out the fixes? Only time will tell.