In the same way social media is changing the way people network online, VoIP is changing digital communications. Today, every forward-thinking business wanting to strategically place themselves at the forefront of their niche will require similarly progressive business technologies like VoIP phone services to provide them with a competitive advantage.

The Demise of the Switchboard

Digital communications is not immune to the laws of economics, and the rule of supply and demand is exemplified in digital phone communications by a succession of events that is all but inevitable:

  1. New communications possibilities arise from current technology
  2. New communications system leverages new technology
  3. More and more people leave legacy communications technology in favor of new technology
  4. Communications companies invariably answer to demand and supply new communications technology
  5. As advantages of new technology piles up, legacy technology slowly fades into disuse

Indeed, the demise of phone switches and subsequent dominance of VoIP is not a nefarious takeover conspiracy; it was simply helped along by two major advantages:

  1. The proliferation of IP-enabled communications technology
  2. The edge of VoIP call routing

Naturally, you as a business owner or manager will take a look at the two options and see for yourself the benefits VoIP provides over PSTN, and perhaps more importantly, see that communications companies are slowly but surely leaving PSTN behind – so much so that the transition is addressed and managed at FCC levels, industry-wide.

What VoIP Means for Your Business

The bottom-line to VoIP is that it will naturally be cheaper and more flexible than PSTN. Better still is that it can offer capabilities that legacy phone switches cannot. This makes internal digital communications within a company more efficient, and if the company provides its users with same VoIP technology as a service, it affords them more call options and control at a fraction of PSTN cost.

As hardware and software technologies continue to advance, VoIP phone systems will also have an edge over PSTN in the fact that it isn’t dependent on switching hardware that is fast becoming obsolete. WAN, LAN, and soon high speed 4G LTS technologies will increasingly power VoIP, making it more powerful every step of the way. For your business, costs are lowered in terms of upgrading hardware and installations, and efficiency of the processes where VoIP phone services are implemented will naturally be enhanced along with the technology.

VoIP is winning the battle over PSTN because of a simple fact: the playing field isn’t level. Technology and advancement is on VoIP’s side, piggybacking on a communications line made ubiquitous by demand for internet connectivity. VoIP, for your business, is the digital communications method of choice by order of natural selection.

This post has been contributed by Eric Regan who is a writer and loves to see what the world has to offer. He has a strong interest in all tech related things.