The dark web is something that appears to be pretty illegal to almost every internet user. This is because the vast majority does not know much about it. They follow the opinion that has been foisted upon them by sensationalistic television and news outlets.

In reality, the dark web is just part of the internet, but an area most people do not have access to without the TOR browser. Some dark web links do lead to pages that contain a lot of illegal activity such as illegal trade, and forums, but it is not entirely bad. There are a lot of journalists who use the dark web to publish articles that might otherwise get them in trouble with governments who do not uphold free speech. The reason it is referred to as the ‘dark web’ is because the anonymity it provides also allows many illegal activities to take place within it.

It is not simple to go to the dark web. Google and other search engines do not provide users access to the dark web. If someone wishes to visit the dark web, they have to download a Tor browser first. This is a specialized browser visiting dark web links as it keeps the identity of the user intact.

The dark web offers a lot of illegal stuff that cannot be found on the internet. This includes illegal drugs and firearms. Yes, you can literally buy firearms online. Video content having child pornography is also rumored to be found on the dark web. In short, there are dark web markets where you can find all sorts of illegal things and services.

People are in a dilemma that whether the dark web should be illegal or not. Well, as an illegal market, just visiting the dark web would be similar to window shopping. Nobody would hold you responsible for any act if you do not buy something or indulge in something that is illegal in the world other than the dark web.

The extent to which deep web links lead to illegal products or services was researched back in 2015. After studying more than 2500 sites, it was found out that more than 57% of the sites were a platform for illegal activities. Another research in 2019 revealed that the illegal activities on the dark web have increased by about 20%. Well, it might not be a huge number, but illegal dark web sites have increased. Illegal activities don’t need to increase in huge numbers to be worrisome.

Apart from weapons, drugs and illicit pornography, there are a lot of other things being sold on dark web sites. Stolen credit cards, Netflix passwords, and illegal software, are among the list. There are some sites that offer illegal services that include hackers for hire. Hitmen can also be hired on the dark web, though it is often thought that these are novelty accounts, and that none of the offers are legitimate. Cryptocurrency like bitcoin and monero are commonly used for transactions on the dark web, and also are used to pay administrators like the recently convicted admin of AlphaBay, the site that replaced the infamous Silk Road after it was shut down in July 2017.

We live in an era where much of the truth about history, politicians, and other important figures is censored. Masses are being manipulated by customizing their feed and publishing blogs that are not as much about the facts as they are about making a partisan point. There are various dark web URLs and onion links that lead to forums and platforms that hold a lot of discussions about running issues. Taking part in them is not illegal and you might get to know the reality behind a lot of issues.

If you happen to find any of your personal details on the dark-web, there is nothing much you can do about it. Changing passwords and freezing your credit card is the only thing that you can do.

Aside from the cautions above, the take-away here is that the dark web is its own ecosystem with good and bad elements behind each dark net link. It is for you, the user, to decide where to draw the line when it comes to exploring dark web backlinks on your own.