Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) is an integration of membrane processes such as ultrafiltration and microfiltration for wastewater treatment. It uses a combination of suspended growth biological treatment method; mostly activated sludge. In this process, membranes are used for separation of solid and liquid.

Every MBR process available utilizes the membrane as a filter. It discards the solid materials created by the biological process. This leads to a disinfected and clarified product effluent. Basically, an MBR is a version of Conventional Activated Sludge (CAS) system.

The only difference between CAS and MBR is that CAS uses secondary clarifier for the separation. While MBR uses membrane; it is a physical barrier that eradicates bacteria and other pathogens along with microplastics. This is the reason why it good for re-use application such as irrigation. This membrane process is capable 99% COD elimination.

Benefits of Membrane Bioreactors

There are numerous benefits of MBR, have a look at some of the most common benefits.

Efficient Way of Eliminating Bacteria

MBR is useful for getting rid of elements of emerging concern from the hospital and municipal wastewater. This is an efficient and future-proof solution for the treatment of wastewater.

Energy Efficient

Since energy is the main power source for MBR, it is energy efficient. This means instead of increasing the energy cost, it will do the opposite without disturbing the market-leading performance.

Convenient to Use

Moreover, the MBR system is designed for use in wastewater application. This system is designed to be easy to operate. It means that your workers will not any advanced training for operating MBR.

Cleaning is Easy

When it comes to cleaning MBR, it is a simple and easy task. There is no need to backflush or chemically backwash the system. It requires a couple of hours cleaning after every two to three months. This is the reason it saves your time.

Other Benefits

  • It is useful as it decreases carbon footprint
  • High-quality effluent
  • Maximizes resource recovery
  • Provides high flow rate

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