Before buying any second-hand mobile or even a brand new one, what is the one thing that everyone has to check- IMEI number. Most of us have heard of it but don’t know much about it. What is it, and why is it important? It helps any buyer know if any device is authentic and historical.

It’s a unique number for every mobile device, like a fingerprint; every instrument is tracked and identified through this number. If any vendor and buyer need to know whether the phone has been reported, stolen, or locked by the previous owner, the IMEI number helps you do so.

Get to know more about IMEI number

International Mobile Equipment Identity is a standardized 15 digital number specific to every new manufacturer’s new device. The mobile industries are striving to fight the trading of stolen devices. IMEI number is the main parameter that hinders this process.

The government authorities use it for various security protocols to ensure a safe environment. So After understanding what it is. Next, we should know how to find it on different devices and other essential knowledge regarding it.

You can find IMEI on the internet as well. If you want to know IMEI, serial, Simlock, or warranty, check on devices like iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, and many others; check out the best tool only on

IMEI on IPhone

Besides using our tool, you can check out iPhone support to see detailed instructions for every iPhone device. In contemporary devices like iPhone 13, the IMEI number is embedded in the sim tray in most mobile devices.

However, in earlier devices such as iPhone 6 and related devices such as the iPad and iPod, you can find 14-digit numbers on the back of the phone.

In iTunes, go to the summary tab and check it in information, and in finder, you can find it in the general tab. (Iphone support link)

IMEI on Samsung

For Samsung devices such as S10, you can go to settings, select about the phone, and with other information, you will see the IMEI device number. 

If not, the other places to locate the number are beneath the battery, packaging, sales bill, or your device’s back.

*#06# is the typical dial code to see the IMEI of your device. Most of the serial number will be detected while looking for the IMEI number under these locations

IMEI on Google Device

As you might know, these devices have two serial numbers, one for Sim and another for eSim. The most typical location to find IMEI numbers in devices like Google Pixel is:

• Find it on the about phone option in the setting app of your phone, and then find IMEI
• At sim card tray
• On your device box

 Final Remarks

While these instructions will most likely solve your problems, it’s not easy to remember them in the time of emergency. So, in urgency, if you have any device with internet near you and accessible, go to and know IMEI and serial numbers for all the mainstream mobile devices.