Pro audio is an abbreviation for professional audio. Pro audio basically refers to high quality top notch audio equipment and activities related to that equipment. Pro audio is a bunch of equipment, usually used by professionals. A few of the activities encompassed in pro audio are sound recording, sound reinforcement system as well as an audio mixing set up, studio grade music production with the help of experienced and trained sound engineers, record engineers and audio engineers. These engineers take advantage of the recording systems and equipments, audio mixers and sound reinforcement systems. Similar to pro audio equipment, consumer audio equipment also exists which is a form of low grade sound gear. As the name suggests, consumer audio equipment is used mostly by those people who want to produce sound in their private homes, home theatres or home stereo systems.

Professional audio systems are not only limited to the functions already mentioned. It includes many other functions and abilities as well. For example, radio broadcasting, audio mastering, recording studio, television studio, sound reinforcement systems like a live studio, performance of a DJ, audio sampling, surround sound design in theatres and even the ability to set up piped music in hotels and restaurants. Pro audio systems are STILL not limited to these functions and abilities. Since pro audio equipment has become a must for many musicians and djs to obtain, pro audio equipment is available in many places such as online websites or professional audio and music stores. They always make sure to stock up on pro audio equipment.

Most of these shops also sells consumer audio equipment which have more or less the same equipment as pro audio. However the standards and functions of consumer audio equipment does not meet the standards of pro audio which requires low noise and low distortion.

The Characteristics of Pro Audio

Let’s just say the consumer grade audio equipment cannot compare to pro audio equipment:

  • Reliable and robust
  • With pro audio equipment you have the ability to modify the settings and you have more options for ‘tweakability’.
  • XLR balanced audio cables, speaker, connectors.
  • Designed in such a way so as to make it easy transportable and be used on tours.
  • Lower noise and hums due to balanced audio interfaces
  • Analog audio signal levels are higher than consumer grade audio equipment

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