In the past couple of years society has realized something: high-tech is highly overrated. Because, while our phones got smaller, touch-ier and shinier and our computers got lighter and thinner, we knew that there would have to be an end point.

This would have to happen for a couple of reasons: 1) If we ever actually made contact with life on other planets, they would have nothing to teach us (“Greetings earthlings, we have a computer that you use through your glasses.” “Thanks Martians, but we have that too.” “Awkward.”) and 2) If everyone is tech-y, tech-y isn’t trendy. But if tech-y isn’t trendy, what is? Wood. That’s what. Welcome to the new trend in hipster tech, wooden technology. They’re stylish, sleek, and will definitely get attention from your friends and co-workers. If you don’t want to have a case of the “shoulda wooda couldas”, here are a few devices to get you started:

The Engrain Tactile Keyboard

If the horrible stainless steel metal of your keyboard clashes with your wooden desk, never fear – there is a stylish solution for you! The Engrain Tactile Keyboard is designed by US wood technology enthusiast, Michael Roopenian. The keyboard is based on the conventional Mac design, and has keys made out of sandblasted wood. Hopefully it’s been sealed; you wouldn’t want typing-induced splinters.


The Wooden Mouse

If you need something to match your wooden keyboard and your wooden desk, perhaps a wooden mouse is in order? The biggest sellers come from Alest Rukov, a Russian designer. These mice are environmentally friendly, finished with natural waxes and created with the intention of reducing the landfill caused by plastic mice. It even comes with a cute USB cable with a wooden port.


The Ultrasone Edition 10 Headphones

Old school gramophones were made with wooden bodies, so why can’t headphones be? These over-ear headphones promise a high quality of sound, but also a high quality of material with an Ethiopian sheepskin headband and titanium plated drivers. This is probably why they sell for the high quality price o $US2750…we might just stick with plastic, thank you!


16GB Mechanical Memory Key

One of the things that is causing people to turn to wooden technology is its uniqueness – not many people have wooden gadgets, after all! – and one of the most unique pieces on the market is this USB drive. Rob Smith from Artype handcrafts each USB from recycled wood and watch cogs, meaning that each drive is a piece of wooden technology made especially for you.


The Touchwood Smartphone

Buying one of these wooden smartphones could be tricky; the company only made 15000 of them, and they were all sold to private buyers in Japan. The smartphone essentially has a wooden case that is permanently attached to it. This does beg the question: why hasn’t any company put out a wooden smartphone case? Quick, someone patent that! With wood technology set to be the next big thing, a wooden smartphone case could just be a very successful invention.


Author Bio: Frances Ward is a student from Sydney. She’s always looking for cheap and reliable computer rental, maybe she should see if they have any wooden desktops?