Seven Dreamers in partnership with Panasonic and Daiwa House have invented an android robot which will make our lives more comfortable because it can do one of the most hated everyday task wash, dry, fold laundry and put away the outfits carefully in the cupboard just for our comfort. Company believes that time could have been spent with family instead of folding laundry.

This photo taken on October 7, 2015 shows a model demonstrating a prototype of an automatic laundry folding machine during Ceatec, Asia's largest electronics trade show in Chiba, suburban Tokyo. Japan's Panasonic, Seven Dreamers and Daiwa House are expecting to commercialise automatic washing, folding, and clothes-sorting machines in 2017. AFP PHOTO / Yoshikazu TSUNO

The robot’s exemplar is as big as a refrigerator and now can fold a single T-shirt in almost five to 10 minutes. The company aims to shorten that time and as well as reduce the product’s size when it released for commercial sale in 2017. At this time, the machine can fold T-shirts, collared shirts, shorts, skirts, towels and trousers. Socks remain the robot’s major task, even though the manufacturers purpose to have this fixed by the time the machine is released.


Image analysis and robotics is the basic technology of this robot. The machine is able to recognize the type of clothing received, by using image analysis. After that machine sets off the robotic processes which required to fold the garments.

Japan is at the lead of robotics technology, with an increasingly number of robots seeming in daily life, from humanoid museum staff to emotion-simulating robotic companions. Recently a hotel totally run by robot was launched in Japan where people could enter their room by face-recognition, and control room facilities through tablets.